Quest Log

Main Questline- These quests are the major plots within the campaign. They will progress the story as well as generally offer the greatest reward. For the most danger. The major quest will always have associative side quests.

Secondary Quests These quests are side quest for the Explorers, are not always of great importance. Their difficulty will vary. Generally a main story arks side quest will count as a Secondary quest.

Tertiary Quests- This is a special kind of quest. They do not need to be handled by the Explorers and can in fact be handled by the crew. The success of these quests will depend on the difficulty of the quest in regard to the rank of the explorers.

Special Questline- These quest do not fall into any of the other category, and can be handled in many different ways. Special quest will generally be role-play based and have great rewards based on the level of intelligence displayed by the Explorers.

Each quest will be divided into
Name || Story Ark||Difficulty||Other Information||Complete
There are two different kinds of difficulty, major quests will use what is called Rank difficulty. Such as R2, this means it is best for Rank/lvl two Explorers. All other quests will use a letter based difficulty score. ranging from D-S this is because although a quests has a difficulty, it can be completely by a weaker explorer group, if they are smart. But, a Major quest will probably mean death for the unprepared. This is also because I am implementing a house rule system that will allow your crew to do quests for you.

Main Quests

Quest Story Ark Difficulty Other Info Complete
Into The Maw ItM R2 Started, Make port in footfall
The Growing Storm WST R3 Started, Planet Attacked By Orks
Return To The Fallen RtF R6+ Accepted, Inform the Imperium
The Tomb ToH R3+ Accepted, Find the Eldar Planet Sector

Secondary Quests

Quest Story Ark Difficulty Other Info Complete
Inform The Imperium of the Chaos RtF C Must find a high enough official
Meet with the Adeptus Arbitus ItM N/A Learn who attacked the Explorers/td>
Reach th Planet Attacked By Orks WST C Respond to Imperial planet.
Find the Eldar Planet Sector ToH C Save the Eldar Tomb World
Non Story Quests Story Ark Difficulty Other Info Complete
Take unknown cargo to footfall in exchange for maps ItM C Must find a high enough official
Port Wander: Mafia Transport Mission D Transport Goods in exchange for lizard

Tertiary Quests

Quest Type Difficulty Other Info Complete
Danger in the Neighborhood Avert(Criminal) C+ Someone needs to avert Imperium attention.
Explorors of Dakahn Explor C- The Imperium has found a new planet, and asks for Rogue Trader aid in exporation, and record keeping.
Port Wanders Request Help E A low ranking noble of port wander has an unusual request. COMPLETE
Transport Metal to FootFall Commodity D Port Wander needs help with a metal trade to FootFall IN PROGRESS
Transport Drugs to FootFall Commodity(Criminal) C+ The local mafia is asking for aid.


Quest Type Difficulty Other Info Complete
Colony System Colonization B A trader in Foot Fall has a profitable, but difficult request.
Recruitment Normal Recruiting D The ships always need new crewmembers.
Recruitment Merc Recruiting C Speak with LT Williams


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