NPC List

Crew Members

Name Job Personality Ability
Markus Eldridge First Officer
Master at Helm
Noble like bearing, hard deminor, sarcastic sense of humor. Markus offers his ability as a sniper in combat.
Kelly Chambers High Factotum
Personal Assistant
Calm and caring, loves to help and will handle any job offered to her, for better or worse. N/A
LT John Williams Master of Ordnance
Chief Boson
No nonsense, calm, quiet. N/A
Tali Drive Master
Head Engineer
Quiet, shy, always in her own head. N/A
Cotton Eye Joe Quartermaster A bit of a nutcase. N/A
Cedrick Florestal Master of Whispers
A total unknown, silent under most days. Cocky when speaking. N/A
Missing Crew Members
  • Ships Confessor – Missionary

Ship Captains

Name Vessel Personality Ability
Magtinius Bundette Gratia Sub Igne Skittish, and loyal. Magtinius is almost like a lost puppy, his skills are unrefined. No Current Skills, can be trained over time, or elarn skills on missions.

Quest NPC’s

  • Orbest Dray – He was the follower that got the party started on the righteous path.
  • Targos – An Adeptus Arbitus captian

Faction Heads


NPC List

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