Into The Maw

Quest Objective Difficulty Other Info Complete
Meet With Orbest Dray D Yes
The Ambush Survive D Yes
Meet With Adeptus Arbitus D Yes
A Questionable Cargo Take cargo to Footfall C
Survive Warp Storm C Yes
Survive ambush in battlegrounds C Players decided to take in pilgrams IN Progress
Reach the Kronus Expanse D In Progress
Reach Footfall D In Progress

“Beyond the shadowy edge of the Calixis sector lies the Koronus Expanse; a trackless stretch of void shrouded in secrets and perils. For centuries explorers have crossed its midnight depths in search of wealth, power and glory, hungry for the treasures it hides beneath ancient stars and uncaring solar winds. It is a place of legends and tall tales, a place of lost civilisations and ships devoured whole by the warp. It is also the rumoured resting place of the Righteous Path; a mighty treasure ship said to hold the plundered wealth of an entire world. Into the Maw is an introductory Rogue Trader adventure which thrusts the Explorers into the dark and terrifying world of the 41st millennia as they seek fortune and glory on the trail of an ancient treasure ship. Intended for starting characters, it presents an introduction to the rules and themes of the game, as well as advice and guidance for novice GMs and players alike. It can also be used as a springboard, leading to further adventures within the Expanse and beyond. "

The Tale of the Righteous Path

_ “The story of the Righteous Path begins over two and a half thousand years ago, during the time of Drusus and the great Angevin Crusade. The stalwart forces of the Imperium were sweeping across the region of space that would one day become the Calixis sector, pushing the enemies of the God-Emperor before them and bringing light to worlds lost for centuries to darkness. Among their number was Lorcanus Ryn, a great warlord and free-captain, filled with bloodlust and greed but also an unwavering faith in Drusus and the Emperor. At the helm of his grand-cruiser, the Righteous Path, he was the scourge of a hundred worlds, carving out a bloody path before him as the crusade conquered world after world.
One such world was Krystallian. Recorded as the 73rd world brought to the light of the Emperor by the crusade, it was (so the story goes) an ancient colony of man which had long ago fallen to the heretical worship of false gods and the teachings of treacherous prophets known as the Talisar. Covered in glittering cloud temples, raised by the Talisar to the glory of the Myriad of Faces, it was a world of immense wealth and blasphemous grandeur. It was, however, no match for the might of the Imperial armies led by Lorcanus Ryn. The warlord descended on Krystallian, filled with the righteous wrath of the Emperor, sweeping away a thousand years of civilisation in three days of fire and blood. When the killing was done, and the corpse counters began gathering up the detritus of war, Lorcanus Ryn marvelled at the riches he had won. Never before had he seen such naked wealth; temples packed high with artefacts of rare and wondrous make, statues gilt with gems and glittering with gold, and shadowed vaults of forgotten and forbidden archeotech.
Here the story varies from teller to teller. Some say the wealth of Krystallian was more than rare metals and precious stones, but that its people were also a prize; bred from a stock of pure genetic material and spared from centuries of warptaint, they were bundled into stasis coffins and taken away to be trained as elite warriors or highborn servants. Others whisper that Krystallian was settled during the Dark Age of Technology and still harboured devices from that time within its cities and temples, secrets worth more than the raw mineral wealth or combined populations of a hundred worlds.
Whatever the form of Krystallian’s wealth, Lorcanus was not content merely to sample it, nor did he trust his fellow crusaders to carry it away. So he set about filling the Righteous Path from stern to ram. He tore out gun decks and launch bays, marooned thousands of his crew and stripped away the vessel’s innards until she was bursting with plunder. The warlord then vanished into the warp and from the pages of history.
Over the centuries there have been many expeditions to find the Righteous Path. At the time of its disappearance, members of the crusade quested after the lost vessel. Later, free-traders, adventurers and Imperial servants have all tried to find its resting place. Many believe the vessel is lost forever, sunken beneath the tides of the warp or smashed to pieces and scattered across space and time. Krystallian, however, was rumoured to have once existed on the trailing edge of what is now the Calixis Sector only a short span of light-years from the Maw. This has led some old void-farers to speculate that Lorcanus Ryn and his ship were caught in the tides of the storms that plague the Koronus Passage and dragged out deep into the Expanse. Many believe it to be lost forever…”_

An Ancient Message

Upon your arrival you have been greeted by several formal envoys and salutations from both the Imperial Authority and other Rogue Traders, welcoming your dynasty to port and honouring your right to passage. This kind of reception is one you have grown used to and is no less than you would expect. However, one vox message stands out and demands your attention. Recorded in your dynasty’s personal cipher, the message is from a man who calls himself Orbest Dray. He says he has been waiting a long time for a member of the family line to return, and carries a message and a gift from your Rogue Trader’s great-grandfather. He would meet with you as soon as you have docked at a specified location in the Court of the Dead; Port Wander’s vast markets. It is a matter, he says, that promises great glory.

Dray soon reveals a smooth black rock—an astropathic mnemolith containing the transmission from the Righteous Path.
Unfortunately for the Explorers, they are not the only ones interested in the Righteous Path, nor the only ones that know that Orbest was holding a clue to its whereabouts.

The Ambush

A Raven soon swoops down to take the stone, but to the dismay of the beast and it’s owner the raven, upon grasping the stone was hit with an attack. Both the raven and the stone flew into a crowd. The raven however survived to flee, without the stone. Shortly after this encounter, as soon as The Explorers start moving to find the stone, they are attacked. A group of unknown armed gunmen start shooting upon the square. Was this a orchestrated attack, a random encounter, or merely a diversion? Did the Explorers miss something. Fighting in such a crowded place has its own dangers as people try desperately to scramble away from the violence and death. Many innocence were lost, both from the gunmans shots, and their own. The Explorers however all survived, with only minor injury. Imperial Authorities will arrive in the form of a dozen strong Adeptus Arbites patrol and any surviving armsmen will surrender. The leader of the patrol is Targos, a heavyset Arbitrator-Sergeant with little in the way of either humour or imagination. After surveying the scene, he questions the Explorers about the attack, though this is only a formality as such random acts of violence are all too common in port and seldom investigated. Given the status of the Explorers, Targos will take some interest and kindly ask them to accompany him to the Adeptus Arbites’ Precinct Complex that he might help to uncover the identity of the assailants.

The Explorers however, are under no notion to join him. And such a choice is up to them alone. With their status, it will take someone of much higher authority to take them in. And they know that.


Interested Parties

The Explorers decided to speak with Targos about the men who attacked them. They met with a woman known as Precept-Marshall Kyra Walkyran, who for the most part seemed uninterested in providing any aid, and most likely was just annoyed to meet the explorers. Could this had been different if the Explorers were more well known?

The Explorers did however learn the name of their attackers. A fellow Rogue Trader Dynasty known as Fel, lead by Hadarak had been watching Orbest Dray for quite some time. He had now taken the opportunity to find the fabled ship.

Deciphering The Riddle

As soon as Michael touched the Mnemolith he collapsed reseaving a psychic vision of a distant and dying halo star. Having knoledge of the Kronos Expance the party was able to determin the location to be within the Winterscale Realm, a vast nebuli of halo stars and dangers.

The party tried many different options to find a map or location of the star, but in the end their fame was not enough to garner help from a larger faction. However, they did find a mapmaker by the name of Magnate Scrivener Journ who practiced his craft within the Chambers of Gold. Upon meeting him the Party decide to take his offer, in exchange for a map they must transport some questionable cargo to Footfall.

Leaving Port

After discovering the map, the Explorers soon learned Hadarak Fel has already set sail, the party sets off in his trail.

The Edge of the Storm

As the Explorers approached the maw they learned of a vortex warp storm, the Navigator discovers the dangers of the storm. The party decided to hold back, even if it would cause them more time.

A Gathering of Wolves

Finally you have reached the Battleground and are nearing the halfway point of the Passage. A vast stretch of void, this region of space is named for the sea of gutted space hulks. Twisted wrecks and ancient debris it contains. Remnants of long forgotten wars, and battlegrounds marks a common rest point for ships travelling into the expanse.

The explorers discover a wak salvation-beacon coming from a nearby debris field. The explorers having decided to aid the craft were soon taken into a fierce battle with two raiders. Though they succeeded the explorers where now let with a choice, should they save the pilgrims on the ship, or strip the ship and leave them to die.

The party being the good Samaritans they are saved the pilgrims.

Open Void

After days of hard sailing, your essel has vleared the Koronus Passage. To either side of your ship you can see the warp storms receding and the relative calm of the imaterium stretching off into the distance. When you translate into real space the glittering stars and dark open void of the Expanse is there to greet you.

Into The Maw

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