Fleet and Holdings


This is the Lifeblood of the rogue trader, his fleet and armada.

Ship Name Hull and Class Function Captain
Vindicae Dictator-class Cruiser House Flagship Lord-Captain Thelios
Gratia Sub Igne Viper-class Scout Sloop Scout unknown


These are the Star-Systems, sectors the Rogue trader, or his dynasty has taken over, these can be upgraded and used in any way The Explorers see fit, from target practice, to Imperium Expansion, and even mining.


Just like Star-Systems, planets are a conquerable goal for the Explorers. Generally systems will hold many planets.


These are the bases, and houses of the Dynasty, they can be build or bought both on important planets, within self owned star-systems, used as forward operation bases, and even space stations.

Aid or promises

These are a special kind of holding, one in which does not have material value. But instead a value of promise of aid. As The Explorers befriend their offisors, gain more ships, Star-Systems, Planets, and even Holdings they start to gain aid in which they can call upon. Some aid, like those from crew, can be used once a section. While others, like a rescued Space Marine team are a one time use.

Aid Giver Type of Aid Function Other
Markus Eldridge Crew Support Darius as an expert sniper and pilot can be called upon for covering fire, or a swift exit from a sticky situation. This can be used once per meeting.
Kelly Chambers Crew Support Kelly as a Stuward, and expert with money, can be called upon to make a requitition at a +10 to normal profit factor. Usable once per meeting

Fleet and Holdings

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